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****About Cachet Boxers*****

Cachet Boxers derives its name from our foundation bitch Ch. TuRo’s Cachet (AKA Tony), winner of the Westminster Working Group in 1986 and 1987. Tony was also the top winning Boxer in the country from 1983 through 1987. When Tony was bred to Ch. TuRo’s Empire in 1987, our breeding program was begun. We breed primarily to have quality dogs to show ourselves, for our own gratification, and to be able to provide other serious exhibitors with the same quality animals that we take so much pride in. We (Leonard Magowitz and Lou Ann Tibbitts-Ridings ) run the operation in a very informal manner, and make all the decisions regarding breeding, selling, and exhibiting our Boxers. We limit our breeding program to 2-3 liters per year. Our dogs are all cared for in our homes – Hilton Head, SC (for Len) and Troy, NY(for Lou- Ann).

A brief background on both of us follows.

Leonard Magowitz:

I have owned Boxers continuously since I was nine years old, and have been showing for over forty years and breeding for over twenty years. My first “show” boxer was purchased by my father from Amerbrit Kennels, on Long Island, NY. Because he was a flashy brindle, we were advised that he was a top quality show dog. We were given the name of a local handler, who would evaluate the dog and provide the guidance that novices needed to embark on showing a Boxer. This handler, fortunately, was Cic Ciccerini. Despite all the skill and patience Cic afforded us, we were unable to garner even a single point. But this experience made my father and I devoted exhibitors and gave me the chance to begin learning about our breed from Cic and his family. Although we purchased additional dogs, it was years before we experienced any real success. When success did come it was beyond my wildest dreams. Cic’s daughter Loretta introduced me to Sandy Roberts and Liz Esacove, of Turo Kennels, at which time Sandy showed me some pictures of three puppy bitches she had. There was one dark brindle that I just fell in love with and decided that I must have. This puppy was Turo’s Cachet. Sandy wasn’t certain that she wanted to sell her at all, and even less certain that if she did, that I was worthy of her! Well, I wasn’t worthy of her, but ultimately my wife Susan convinced Sandy and Liz to sell her to me anyway. So after years of dabbling with showing, I now owned a puppy that was destined to make history. Under the guidance of the entire Ciccerini family “Tony” became a legend. When she was retired in 1987, after winning the Westminster KC working group for the second straight year, we set out to establish a breeding program with her as the foundation. Since that time, under the banner of Cachet Kennels, we have bred two or three litters a year- always line bred on Ch. Turo’s Cachet. Our goal is not to have a lot of dogs to sell, but rather a few to show, for our own satisfaction and to introduce back into our breeding program. Our program and dogs are now located in Atlanta, GA (where I recently moved) and in Troy, NY with my partner Lou-Ann Tibbitts-Ridings. In 2008, I became a Life Member in the American Boxer Club.

Lou-Ann Tibbitts-Ridings:

As long as I can remember I was obsessed with dogs. I was ten years old when my parents let me have my first dog, he was a Beagle mix. After a tragic accident took his life I was devastated, and after weeks of crying my parents decided to take me to a dog show to cheer me up! Westminster KC what a show to attend for a thirteen year old who was obsessed with dogs. We spent the whole day there and I was torn between Doberman Pinschers or Boxers. It was not until after college and one toy poodle later, that I purchased my first Doberman. I enrolled in an obedience class and to my amazement the instructor was a Boxer breeder who showed Dobermans. After helping her one weekend and literally being pushed into the show ring after a five minute lesson on stacking a dog and getting a first place blue ribbon, I realized obedience was not my thing and that it was the conformation ring that really interested me. I showed Dobermans for a few years and had one litter. Then in 1982 I married and took some time off to start a family. As the years went by I missed showing dogs and my husband had a great idea, let’s go to a dog show. The year was 1987 the month was February we live in New York State so, it was back to Madison Square Garden and Westminster KC. The plan was to watch the Dobermans, go to lunch, and then go home. I decided that since we were there, we might as well watch the Boxers. Well I truly feel things happen for a reason, for the dog winning the breed was Ch. Turo’s Cachet. I left my seat to get a closer look at her and decided at that moment, that when I went back to dog showing it was going to be Boxers. I then purchased a couple of books on Boxers started reading. In 1995 I met Leonard Magowitz and in 1996 purchased a brindle bitch, on a co-ownership, from him. Even after purchasing this bitch, I still didn’t make the connection with Len and the Boxer bitch in 1987 that I watched at the Westminster KC . And since I didn’t have a Catalog at the 1987 show, I was not aware of the name of the dog and owner. However, when Len told me that the year was 1987 when Ch. Turo’s Cachet was retired, and she was retired after winning the Group for the second straight year at Westminster KC dog show, it hit me his bitch Tony was the Boxer that first brought the breed to my attention! Perhaps things do happen for a reason! Len became my mentor and over the years we have developed a great friendship and partnership. In 2006 Len registered “Cachet” under both our names. I will always be grateful to Len for the knowledge I have acquired about our breed thru hours upon hours of talking Boxers and thru the well established breeders Len has introduced me to. I am a member of the American Boxer Club. Since purchasing my first Boxer from Len I have owner handled a number of our dogs to their Championships as well as spent many a sleepless night whelping litters. I can honestly say I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Dobermans but there is nothing like the Boxer breed!


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