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Barry Green (Lynbary boxers) was Buddy's breeder. Buddy's dam was bred by Cachet boxers and purchased by Lynbary Boxers on breeders terms with a puppy due back. Buddy was that puppy! After finishing his Canadian Championship he came to Cachet Boxers, where he was showen a few times and pointed by Len Magowitz. Then Buddy was Sold to Celsior Boxers in HI. He finished his championship in HI and was specialed there. When he retired from the show ring Buddy went to live and stand stud between Garnsey Boxers and Halcyon Boxers where he was bred to some very nice bitches and produced a number of champions. Buddy lived out his senior years with Susan Von Rothkirch (Halcyon boxers).

Buddy's Record in HI: 1996-#1 Boxer, #3 Working, #9 All Breed
1997- # 1 Boxer, # 3 Working

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